Smart Pack 保養袋

$979.00 $1,632.00

Rico 保養袋裝有初學者所需的零配件, 學生最適用. 每袋裝有吹嘴, 束圈, 護蓋, 吹嘴護撢, 軟木潤滑劑, 簧片套, 及兩片強度 2.5 簧片, Bb 單簧管及中音薩克斯風兩種. The Rico Smart Pak contains all of the essential accessories the beginner needs to start making music right away. The perfect partner to rental or purchased student-model instruments.  Contains: mouthpiece, ligature, cap, mouthpiece saver, cork grease, and Reedgard with two size 2.5 reeds, Available for both Bb Clarinet and Alto Saxophone.