Metalite Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece 上低音薩克斯風吹嘴


$852.00 $1,420.00


爵士樂手最喜歡的吹嘴, 每一付 Metalite 吹嘴都以耐用易於傳聲的材料製成, 忠誠傳達金屬吹嘴特有的聲音, 價錢卻不貴, Metalite 吹嘴有中小型腔室, 音頻定位在 A=440, 適合大部分薩克斯風使用.  A favorite among jazz musicians, each Metalite mouthpiece is crafted from a durable and resonant material to offer the sound of a metal mouthpiece -- without the expense. Metalite mouthpieces feature a medium-small chamber and are available in two tip openings; they are pitched at A=440. Available for the full range of saxophones