Bb Clarinet Reeds Bb 單簧管簧片 - Plasticover


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平切 Filed  / Traditional Blank 

Plasticover 簧片係標準切削片塗佈透明塑膠漆, 本品抗濕度強, 在各種天氣狀況皆保持穩定, 塑膠漆塗佈肇致聲音嘹亮, 音調強, 簧片耐用, 生命週期長.  經常在室外演奏的爵士及波普樂者最適用, Rico 最新的高科製程確保本品品質的穩定.  Plasticover reeds feature the standard Rico cut with a plastic coating, which resists moisture and remains stable in varying weather conditions. This coating results in a bright, projecting tone and offers greater durability and lifespan. Plasticover is a favorite among jazz and pop musicians and also works well in outdoor settings. Rico's updated reed-making machinery and state-of-the-art process have made today's Plasticover reed more consistent than ever before.

  • 塑漆塗佈, 抗濕耐用 Coated with plastic to resist changes in moisture and climate
  • 彩視檢驗, 高級原材 Color video inspection sorts cane quality
  • 光學雷射, 精確度量 Optical laser measurements ensure accuracy
  • 五片裝 Offered in boxes of 5
  • 1/2 強度區格 - 1.0 至 4.0 Available in half strengths, from 1.0 to 4.0