Bb Clarinet Reeds Bb 單簧管簧片 - Grand Concert Select Evolution


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圓切 Unfiled  / Thick Blank 

Grand Concert Select Evolution 簧片係圓切簧片, 斜坡部份兩肩稍厚, 如所有 GCS 系列一樣有傳統唇尖, 但片脊的厚度是所有 GCS 系列裏最厚的, 聲音出力最完全, Rico 產製的簧片中, 本品的片身最厚, 所用竹材是離表皮最遠的部份, 聲音較暖. Grand Concert Select Evolution reeds are unfiled and have more material in the shoulders of the vamp. They feature a traditional tip and the thickest spine of the GCS family, providing a full sound. Of all Rico's clarinet reeds, GCS Evolution has the thickest blank; thick blanks are made from cane further away from the bark, resulting in a warmer sound.

  • 傳統唇尖, 反應快Traditional tip shape for quick response
  • 最厚片身, 較大吹奏面積 Thickest blank of the GCS family, for more body to the attack
  • 片脊雄厚, 出聲量大 Heavier spine for greater sound projection
  • 十片裝 Offered in boxes of 10
  • 半格級數, 強度 2.5 至 5.0 Available in half strengths, from 2.5 to 5.0