Baritone Saxophone Reeds 上低音薩克斯風簧片 - Hemke



Packaging 包裝

平切 Filed  / 傳統原片 Traditional Blank 

Frederick L. Hemke 簧片係平切簧片, 唇尖 tip 較薄, 削部 vamp 較短, 因此吹奏反應靈敏.  爵士及古典樂者都相當喜愛, 進階學生也愛用, Rico 最新高科設備及製程確保品質穩定, 領先群倫.  Frederick L. Hemke reeds are filed and feature a thinner tip and shorter vamp for ease of response. They are a favorite among jazz and classical players alike; they are also popular with advancing students. Rico's updated reed-making machinery and state-of-the-art process have made today's Hemke reed more consistent than ever before.

  • 較短削部, 聲音稍暗 Shorter vamp for a darker tone
  • 唇尖較薄, 反應靈敏, 表達真確 Slightly thinner tip for quick response and articulation
  • 五片裝 Offered in boxes of 5
  • 2.0 至 4.0 強度供選擇 Available in half strengths, from 2.0 to 4.0