Tenor Saxophone Reeds 次中音薩克斯風平切簧片 - Rico Select Jazz Filed



Packaging 包裝

平切 Filed  厚原片 Thick Blank 

Select Jazz reeds feature the thickest spine and blank of Rico's jazz reeds with a traditional tip shape. The Select Jazz cut offers great projection, focus, and a dark sound. They are available in both filed and unfiled models. Offered in third strengths, as opposed to half strengths, players can choose the most precise strength for their individual equipment.  Select Jazz 簧片用的是最厚的原片, 傳統唇部構造, 出聲有力, 集中, 暗色, 有平切及圓切兩種, 強度每1/3區格, 奏者可選擇最精確的強度使用.

  • 特優控制及出聲 Outstanding control and projection
  • 平切及圓切選擇, 供不同薩克斯風使用 Available in both Filed and Unfiled models for the full range of saxophones
  • 十片盒裝 Offered in pack of 10
  • 軟, 中, 硬三種強度 (2.0 至 4.0) Available in third strengths (soft, medium, and hard), from 2.0 to 4.0