Tenor Saxophone Ligature for Metal Link Mouthpieces 次中音薩克斯風束圈 (金屬型吹嘴適用)

$417.00 $695.00

Rico 束圈功能優異, 價格合宜, 四點平衡設計, 簧片束力平等均分, 鍍鎳處理, 雙鏍絲操作, 可單買, 或與護蓋一起買.  The Rico ligature was designed to provide excellent response and function at an affordable price. It features a four-point system that applies equal pressure to the reed. Rico ligatures are nickel-plated and feature a two-screw, inverted design. The Rico ligature is available both with or without Rico's signature mouthpiece cap, innovatively made of soft, overmolded plastic.