Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Marble Medium Chamber 大理石紋中音薩克斯風吹嘴 - 中號腔室



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本品為爵士音樂建立品質出聲的標準, 它準確地抓住 Select Jazz 簧樂的神奇感覺及調性, 本品是具有傳統的創新產品, 奏手可以盡情演出最佳狀況, 大理石紋和樂器相互輝映. Discover the sound that sets the standard of jazz with the D'Addario Select Jazz Alto mouthpiece, which captures the feel and tone of legendary products from years past. The D'Addario Select Jazz mouthpiece is a perfect union of tradition and innovation so you can always play your best. Marble texture reflects the beauty of instrument.