Rico Padgards 清潔通條

$467.00 $778.00

Rico 清潔通條是清潔管樂器的好用具, 通條本身用軟質吸潮的材料, 可協助保持樂器清潔乾燥. 有多種選擇: Piccolo 短笛, 長笛, 單簧管, 高音, 中音, 及次中音薩克斯風, 另有吹嘴撢及頸項墊供應.  Rico's Padgards offer a convenient way to dry out your instrument. Padgards are made from soft, absorbent material, which helps wick moisture and keep your instrument dry after use.  Available in models for piccolo, flute, clarinet, and soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, Also available: Mouthpiece Savers and Neck Savers