Reed Vitalizer Kit 簧片滋潤劑易封包


$299.00 $499.00


使用簧片滋潤劑能保持簧片的最佳狀況, 本專利產品以雙向控濕方式確保簧片不會變形彎曲, 在任何氣候狀況都維持穩定.  每一劑滋潤劑的有效期間是 45 - 60 天.  當劑包變硬時, 表示有效期已到, 可以丟掉.  滋潤劑有三種濕度供選擇: 58% 保存穩定, 73% 吹奏前稍潤濕, 及 84% 馬上可吹奏.  本易封包含一包滋潤劑, 易封包亦可用來安放簧片套.  Reed Vitalizer offers maintenance-free reed storage. The patented Humidipak technology uses two-way humidity control to prevent warping and keep your reeds stable in any weather conditions. Reed Vitalizer Humidity Control Packs will last 45-60 days. When the pack becomes hard, simply discard and replace with a new pack. Reed Vitalizer is offered in three relative humidity levels, for various needs: 58% (stable storage), 73% (requires minimal wetting), and 84% (ready to play). Vitalizer Kit contains one pack Vitalizer and a zip bag, which can be used to store Reedgard (not included).