Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case with Humidity Control Pack 多類型簧片保護盒含滋潤劑包


$671.00 $1,118.00

本簧片盒可裝八片不同的簧片 - 單簧管, 各型薩克斯風, 加一包滋潤劑, 簧片緊緊扣在盒壁邊, 避免變形或彎曲, 盒緣墊片確保緊密封蓋, 便於攜帶旅行, 滋潤劑是 73% 濕度.  Rico's signature reed case holds eight of any size clarinet or saxophone reeds, from Eb clarinet through Baritone Saxophone, and features Reed Vitalizer two-way humidity control technology. Reeds are held snugly to a grooved surface, which prevents warping. The airtight gasket ensures a proper seal, which keeps reeds safe and stable when traveling. Each of our Reed Storage Cases comes with one humidity control pack in 73% relative humidity.