H-Ligature & Cap for Bass Clarinet 低音單簧管H束圈及護蓋

$1,319.00 $2,199.00

H束圈是早年流行的 Harrison 束圈重新推出, 本品深受世界各地名家所喜愛, 四點著力平衡設計, 簧片束力平等均分, 鍍銀處理, 雙鏍絲操作, 與護蓋成套發售.  The H-Ligature was conceived as a "retro" version of the famous Harrison ligature, used by many of the worlds greatest saxophonists and clarinetists. H-Ligatures make use of a four-point system, which applies equal pressure to the reed, and feature a two-screw, inverted design. Each comes with Rico's signature mouthpiece cap, innovatively made of soft, over molded plastic.  Silver plated.