Eb Clarinet Reeds Eb單簧管簧片 - Grand Concert Select


$759.00 $1,265.00


平切 Filed   / Traditional Blank 

本簧片係平切片, 傳統唇尖, 後緣較厚, 是用傳統原片製作, 所用竹材較近頂部, 反應快, 聲音聰亮. Grand Concert Select reeds are filed and feature a traditional tip and thicker spine, providing a quick response. They have a traditional blank thickness; traditional blanks are made from cane closer to the bark, adding more brilliance to the sound.  

  • 十片裝 Offered in boxes of 10
  • 2.5 至 4.5 強度 (半格級數) Available in half strengths, from 2.5 to 4.5