German Bb Clarinet Reeds 德式 Bb 單簧管簧片 - Reserve Classic


$801.00 $1,335.00


圓切 Unfled  / 厚原片 Thick Blank

Reserve Classic 是 Rico 的革命性產品, 圓切, 原片較窄, 削切斜度較平, 吹奏時容易掌握, 較具彈性, , Reserve Classics 適合不同曲風的交響團奏及獨奏, 聲音沉卻又具活潑色彩. 所用原片是厚原片, 使用原竹下端四個竹節製造, 品質穩定.  Reserve Classic, Rico's most revolutionary cut, is unfiled and features a narrower blank taper and more gradual tip shape, offering the most precise articulation and flexibility. The Reserve Classic reed is suited for a wide range of symphonic and solo playing styles, and has a dark sound with a wide color palette. Reserve Classic reeds are made from thick blank, lower-internode cane; lower-internode cane comes from the first four tubes of the cane stalk, yielding greater consistency from reed to reed.

  • 特殊竹料處理, 減少片身彎曲 Special cane treatment process that helps reduce reed warping
  • 圓切片出聲有力 Unfiled for greater projection
  • 所有 Reserve 系列皆採用高密度低根竹節製造, 品質耐用穩定 Like the Reserve line, uses only the densest, lower-internode cane for longer durability and consistency
  • 十片裝 Offered in boxes of 10
  • 半格級數, 強度 1.5 到 4.0 Available in half strengths, from 1.5 to 4.0