Bb Clarinet Reeds Bb 單簧管簧片- Reserve Classic


$801.00 $1,335.00


平切 Filed 厚原片 Thick Blank 

Reserve Classic 是 Rico 的革命性產品, 用厚原片平切, 因此片脊及片身皆厚, 吹奏時聲音變化較容易, 音調也較具穩定性, 較薄的尾端, 使低沉音較容易產生, 反應較靈敏.  原片選自較低竹節, 大皆是竹身的最下方四節, 原片的品質較無變動, Reserve Classics 是古典薩克斯風演奏家最喜歡用的簧片. Reserve Classic, Rico's most revolutionary cut, is filed and features a thicker spine and blank allowing for even registral changes and great flexibility. With thinner rails, Reserve Classic reeds enable greater ease of low register response. They are made from lower-internode cane, which comes from the first four tubes of the cane stalk, yielding greater consistency from reed to reed. Reserve Classic reeds have quickly become the choice of today's classical concert saxophonists.

  • 厚原片產生的聲音較繚繞 Thicker blank for a more resonant sound
  • 平切製造簧片較有彈性, 反應靈敏 Filed for flexibility and fast response
  • 與 Reserve 產品線相同, 使用低段高密度竹節, 耐用穩定 Like the Reserve line, uses only the densest, lower-internode cane for longer durability and consistency
  • 十片及二十五片易抽包裝 Offered in boxes of 10 and dispenser boxes of 25
  • 1/2 級數, 強度從 2.0 至 4.5, 加上特製 3.5+ 強度 Available in half strengths, from 2.0 to 4.5, with a special 3.5+ size