Baritone Saxophone Reeds 上低音薩克斯風簧片 - Grand Concert Select


$922.00 $1,537.00



平切 Filed  / 傳統原片 Thick Blank 

Grand Concert Select 簧片係平切簧片, 有傳統唇尖及較厚的竹身, 反應非常靈敏. 使用傳統原片製造, 聲音亮度增加. 本品適合樂團合奏使用. Grand Concert Select reeds are filed and feature a traditional tip and thicker spine, providing a quick response. They have a traditional blank thickness, which adds more brilliance to the sound. Grand Concert Select reeds are well suited for ensemble playing.  Rico 最新高科設備及製程確保品質穩定, 領先群倫. 

  • 五片盒裝 Offered in boxes of 5
  • 強度每 1/2 區格 2.5 至 4.0 Available in half strengths, from 2.5 to 4.0