Alto Saxophone Reeds 中音薩克斯風簧片 - Rico Royal



Packaging 包裝

平切 Filed  / 傳統原片 Traditional Blank 

本簧片係傳統原片以法式平切生產, 專為高階奏者設計, 反應平均而靈敏, 所有音域出聲都相當清晰, Rico Royal 提供較橘盒包裝的 Rico 簧片更多的強度選擇.  Rico 採用新的科技設備和更新製程, 確保品質穩定, 領先群倫. The Rico Royal reed combines the features of the traditional Rico cut with a French file. Designed for advancing players, Rico Royal offers an even response across the registers and more clarity in the sound. Rico's updated reed-making machinery and state-of-the-art process have made today's Rico Royal reed more consistent than ever before. Rico Royal reeds are offered in a wider strength range than Rico "Orange Box."

  • 薄式削切, 易於吹奏 Thinner vamp cut designed for ease of play
  • 價格合宜, 教學適用 Priced affordably for educators
  • 古典爵士, 兩皆相宜 Works well for both classical and jazz applications
  • 薩斯單簧, 皆有供應 Available for full range of clarinets and saxophones
  • 三及十片包裝, 藍色外盒 Offered in boxes of 3 & 10 reeds (Blue Box)
  • 強度選擇, 半格級數 Available in half strengths, from 1.5 to 4.0