Alto Saxophone Reeds 中音薩克斯風簧片 - La Voz



Packaging 包裝

圓切 Unfiled  / Traditional Blank 

和 Rico 簧片相同, La Voz 簧片係以傳統原片圓切而成, 因此厚度較薄.  La Voz 簧片的強度較有彈性, 所出聲音低沉有力, 是爵士樂者所熱愛的標準簧片.  Rico 公司最新高科設備及製程確保簧片品質穩定, 領先群倫. Similar to the Rico cut, La Voz reeds are unfiled and feature a thinner profile and blank. The La Voz strength range offers greater flexibility, and their deep, powerful tone makes them a standard among jazz musicians. Rico's updated reed-making machinery and state-of-the-art process have made today's La Voz reed more consistent than ever before.

  • 強有力的原片背部, 耐吹不壞 Stronger spine for more resistance
  • 可吹奏不同音樂型式 Works well for multiple musical styles
  • 供薩克斯風及單簧管使用 Available for all saxophones and clarinet
  • 十片盒裝 Offered in boxes of 10
  • 強度從軟至硬 Available in strengths from 'soft' to 'hard'