Soprano Saxophone Reeds 高音薩克斯風簧片

Rico Reeds 公司努力的目標是為音樂藝術家提供最佳品質的簧片及零配件, 冀能協助他們實現各人的音樂表達理想. 每一程的簧片製造序次皆已戮力改善, 我們很驕傲地說我們的品質已臻一流. We at Rico Reeds have worked tirelessly as a team to provide you with superior reeds and accessories that help you realize your highest musical and artistic visions. Every aspect of Rico’s reed-making process has been redeveloped and drastically improved. We are proud to say that our quality control extends beyond the manufacturing floors. 請點下方圖標前往各專頁參觀選購, Please click the package below to visit its dedicated page.