Artists 代言演奏家

Rico 公司經常與全世界音樂演奏圈保持連繫, 傑出的演奏家及樂團如果選用 Rico 產品, 在甄選之後, 可獲選擔任 Rico 產品代言人, 代言人所用 Rico 產品由 Rico 公司供應, 其義務是審查 Rico 產品, 提出品質看法及改進意見, 參與 Rico 教學大師班, 及出席某些推廣活動.  Rico maintains constant contact with world's musician community.  Musicians who use Rico products are the candidates to become Rico Artist.  Rico reviews qualifications of these musicians and select a few to become Rico Artist.  Rico Artist is supplied with Rico products for their regular use.  Their obligation is to review Rico products and provide inputs about quality of the products and if any improvement is needed.  Rico Artist also participate in Maestro classes and selected promotional activities sponsored by Rico.

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