About 有關 D'Addario Woodwinds

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Paul Hsieh

Since Rico joined the D’Addario family in 2004, we have worked tirelessly as a team to provide you with superior reeds and accessories that help you realize your highest musical and artistic visions. D’Addario has infused millions of dollars of new technology and quality control into our company, and every aspect of Rico’s reed-making process has been redeveloped and drastically improved. We are proud to say that our quality control extends beyond the manufacturing floors. We grow 100 percent of our own cane, which enables us to monitor and control our raw material, from growth to harvest. Healthy cane and state-of-the-art machinery have allowed us to create the most consistently manufactured single-reed to date.  Our path towards this goal is guided by our steadfast commitment to the thousands of artists, educators, and enthusiasts who we serve worldwide. Through communication and collaboration with our supportive musical family, we look forward to a future of innovative development and continuous growth.  On November 15, 2013, D'Addario Inc. announced that a new name has been adopted to replace Rico Reeds name. It is now being called D'Addario Woodwinds.  

Rico Reeds 公司是於 2004 年併入 D'Addario 公司, 這一新的團隊更加努力, 希望能為我們的音樂家顧客們提供最精良的簧片及零配件, 協助他們實現在音樂及藝術表達的最高境界, D'Addario 達達哩鷗公司注入新的資金, 導入新的科技, 新的設備, 新的品管製程, Rico 產品的品質因此已臻另一精良的水準, 可謂領先群倫, 因為我們自己種植原片蘆竹材料, 我們能夠積極檢查及控制所有原材料的品質, 從種植到收成, 每一根蘆竹都依標準品質要求培植及淘汰, 健康良好的原竹材料加上精密的機器及製程, 使得 Rico 能穩定生產世界上最佳品質的簧片, 我們對我們全世界的顧客有極嚴肅的承諾: 音樂家, 教育家, 關心音樂的人士等等, 就是提供最高品質的簧片及零配件, 藉著不停地和我們的顧客誠心合作溝通, 我們冀望一起邁向革新發現的成長大道.  2013年11月15日, D'Addario 公司宣佈更動 Rico Reeds 名, 改稱 D'Addario Woodwinds, 中文稱為達達哩鷗簧樂.

How it's made? Rico 簧片是如何製造的?