Chiaohui Yang 楊喬惠 - 台北市立交響樂團

October 16, 2013

楊喬惠高中畢業即赴法留學, 專攻古典單簧管, 留法期間獲獎無數, 其中的最大榮譽是 1997 年得到世界有名的圖隆國際大賽首獎. 回到自己國家前, 喬惠在法國參與諸多音樂團體的演出, 在台灣, 她參加國家交響樂團, 巴哈室內樂集, 以及台北市立交響樂團的演出, 並曾獲邀在總統府表演.  楊小姐目前是台北市立交響樂團的首席單簧管, 並在東海大學執教. After graduating from high school in Taiwan, Chiao-hui Yang started her brilliant musical career in Paris. She obtained the “Médaille d’Or” at the Music Conservatory of Beauvais with M. Guy Dangain in 1993; the “Prix de Perfectionnement” at the Regional Conservatory of Paris with M. Richard Vieille in 1994; the same year, Chiao-hui became the first Taiwan clarinet player to join the prestigious class of M. Michel Arrignon at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris where she obtained the “Diplôme de Formation Supérieure” with first prizes for clarinet, chamber music (class of Maurice Bourgue) and bass clarinet (class of J-Noël Crocq). Then she continued her study in the cycle of Perfectionnement (III cycle) with Pascal Moragues. Chiao-hui Yang won the prestigious international contest of Toulon in 1997. She was also awarded prizes by many other contests, such as Vierzon, Paris (UFAM), Picardie, Dunkerque, Leopold Bellan and Taiwan National competition. Besides, she was semi-finalist in the international contest of Geneva, Switzerland (1997), “Spring Prague”, Czech Republic (1996) and Dos Hermanas, Spain (1995).

She has been featured as soloist with several orchestras including Cannes Orchestra, Jenear Philharmonic Orchestra, Sinfonietta of Picardie Orchestra, Nouvel Ensemble Instrumental of Conservatory, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, Taiwan Philharmonic, Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Bach Chamber Orchestra and many winds orchestras (ensembles) in Taiwan. Chiao-hui played as soloist at the Presidential Palace of Taiwan.

Chiao-hui Yang is now co-soloist at the Taipei Symphony Orchestra and clarinet professor at Tunghai University.

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